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Photo: Jersey Produce

Keeping a Jersey Tradition Alive

Photo: Graiff Farms Workers.
Even during field harvest, workers carefully observe best agricultural practices for health and safety of baby spinach (shown here) and baby arugula destined for the best restaurants.
Graiff Farms, Newfield, NJ.
Many of New Jersey's vibrant farms have been lovingly managed by the same family for more than 200 years. But marketplace pressures from agricultural states with year-round growing seasons and foreign imports of produce are threatening this way of life.

When a family farm is lost, everyone in New Jersey loses something special. Open fields are replaced with dense construction, which compromises air quality, the water table and our natural vistas.

We hope that you can support the farmers that are featured in these pages. Not only because they grow quality produce, but also because they are your neighbors. You can help by buying from those with local farm stands or by purchasing their produce from the restaurants and grocers that participated in this project.


Dan and Jamie Graiff
Dan Graiff Farms, Cumberland County
Photo: Dan Graiff.
Dennis Donio
Donio Farms, Camden County
Photo: Denis Donio.
Scott Ellis
Ellis Farms, Mercer County
Photo: Scott Ellis.
Kevin and Bob Flaim
Flaim Farms, Cumberland County
Photo: Flaim Farms Panther Brand
John and Ralph Formisano
Formisano Farms, Atlantic County
Photo: John Formisano.
Rich and Sherry Marolda
Marolda Farms, Cumberland County
Gary and Glenn Stecher
G&G Stecher Farms, Gloucester County
Photo: Bowl of Produce
David Sheppard
Sheppard Farms, Cumberland County
Joe and Russell Marino
Sun Valley Orchards, Gloucester County
Photo: Joe Marino.