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Photo: Jersey Produce

Jersey Fresh Goes to Market

Photo: Produce in Grocery Store.
Most consumers purchase their produce at the grocery store. Many have no idea whether the tomatoes they take home were grown at a near-by New Jersey farm or were shipped 3,000 miles from California.

There are a number of local grocers who value our New Jersey farmers and feature their produce. Wegmans, headquartered in Rochester, NY, has made the purchase of local produce a centerpiece of their corporate culture. There are seven Wegmans in New Jersey.

Go ahead and buy California tomatoes in December, but this summer look for and buy produce from your New Jersey farmers and at markets that carry Jersey Fresh.

The following grocers participated in our program to sell produce from New Jersey farms.

Wegmans - Central New Jersey

Shop Rite - Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and Marlton