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Can I save the seed from my Ramapo tomatoes?

If you save seed from the fruit of the plant you need to know that 'Ramapo' is a hybrid and will not come true from saved seed.  Hybrid seeds require two parent lines of tomato to be hand pollinated.  We wouldn't recommend saving the seed of an F1 hybrid such as Ramapo as the offspring that you will grow next season will not be true to the variety that you saved. Some may be similar, but many more will be more like the parents that were crossed to make the hybrid.

There are some seed savers that claim to have 'Ramapo' but Rutgers NJAES is the only one with the parent lines so what they have is not 'Ramapo F1’.

Seeds saved from open-pollinated varieties will remain true to the original variety because they do not require cross-pollination from two different parents like hybrids do.