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Become a Jersey Tomato Advocate: Support Us

The people have spoken! They've tasted their way through tomato after tomato - from supermarkets, farm markets to the garden. Many of these tomatoes leave a lot to be desired, but every once in awhile...you can find that old time Jersey Tomato flavor - tangy and sweet, juicy and delicious! Why is it so hard to find those tomatoes these days?

The Rediscovering the Jersey Tomato project is trying to get tasty tomatoes back in the hands (mouths) of consumers. We're evaluating flavorful varieties that farmers and gardeners can grow. We brought back old time favorites that were off the market - the Ramapo tomato (hybrid developed at Rutgers NJAES) and Moreton tomato (early season hybrid by Harris Seeds). We conduct both public and scientific taste testings to evaluate hundreds of varieties of tomatoes. Our research is also looking at growing practices that influence taste - was there something farmers added to their soil that made the Jersey Tomatoes taste so good? We also provide public outreach to consumers via newsletters and this website to give you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to develop/grow a tasty tomato.

This consumer-driven research has been resonating with people who want tasty tomatoes. And we are now offering the opportunity for tomato lovers everywhere (you don't have just be from Jersey!) to help supportthese efforts. By providing a tax deductible donation to our tomato research fund, you can help us continue this type of research.

What will your dollars support? A gift of:

  • $12,000 will help conduct "sensory evaluation" taste testings for comparison of tomato varieties or tomatoes grown under different soil conditions.
  • $8,000 will help conduct a breeding program to develop a new generation of flavorful Jersey Tomatoes, well adapted to our area and using open pollinated breeding (non hybrid - so seeds can be saved).
  • $5,000 helps fund field trial research - growing tomatoes on our research farms - evaluating how different varieties grow under New Jersey conditions; what farming practices help influence flavor; determining the effects soil quality and soil salinity have on fresh market tomato flavor.
  • $500 will help pay for equipment needed for field trial research - plant stakes, seed trays, soil mix, etc.
  • Any amounts help! If you'd like to help with smaller amounts toward our tomato evaluation research, all donations are appreciated!

We need your support! Contact:
Jack Rabin, Associate Director for Farm Services
Rutgers NJAES
88 Lipman Drive
New Brunswick, NJ   08901
(732) 932-5000, ext. 610

Please make checks payable to: The Rutgers Foundation

Thank YOU!