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2012 Update on Ramapo and Moreton
Tomato Seed Availability for Home Gardeners

Rutgers NJAES has been contracting Ramapo hybrid tomato seed production the last few years for sales to farmers, gardeners, and transplant growers. Unfortunately, there was a crop failure this year and we will not have new seed until at least late spring. Rutgers NJAES will not be able to sell Ramapo seed until that time including packets to home gardeners.

We will do our best to communicate the status of our second attempt at getting the seed produced and exactly if/when it will be available. We are maintaining an e-mail list for notification of Ramapo seed status. If you would like to receive updates on the progress of the seed, e-mail Ramapotomato@njaes.rutgers.edu with “2012 Ramapo waiting list for Home Gardeners” in the subject line. Note: The Ramapo seed arrival will be too late for sowing in most locations for 2012. However, we do sell the seed year-round, so it will be available any time after late spring 2012.

In the meantime, we have Moreton tomato seed, an early season variety with old time tasty flavor and Jersey Tomato T shirts. We appreciate your patience and regret any inconvenience. The 2012 order form will be updated as the seeds come in and currently is available on the T shirt page.

Note: Do you have leftover Ramapo seed from previous years? Don't discard it! If stored under moderate conditions (not too hot or humid), it should still germinate. The seeds sold in 2008 and 2009 need optimal conditions during the seedling stage to grow. Review seed starting tips here: http://www.njfarmfresh.rutgers.edu/gardening-factsheets.htm

Post updated: March 1, 2012