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Longing for tasty tomatoes? Find out about tomato flavor, the Jersey tomato, the Ramapo tomato and more on our Jersey Tomato webpage.


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"When we were kids my cousin the tomato lover would yell, "salt for my 'mater!" and he would stand with salt shaker in one hand, Jersey Tomato in the other and chow down. He still loves tomatoes, so when we visit him in the summertime, we come bearing gifts: Jersey Tomatoes".
- Cindy, Highland Park

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    Jersey Tomato Throwback – Ramapo Tomato – 50 Years as a Home Gardeners’ Favorite
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New Jersey farmers grow some of the best produce in the country. But these juicy tomatoes and peaches, sweet corn and melons and plump blueberries don't always get into the groceries and restaurants where you shop and eat.

People across the US are realizing the benefits of buying locally produced food. New Jersey has been on the forefront of this effort, developing the Jersey Fresh campaign in 1984. Initiated by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, the movement has gained momentum as farmers, consumers, food distributors, chefs, etc. have joined the effort. At Rutgers NJAES we are working with these groups to enhance the farm to fork efforts in New Jersey.

  • The Jersey Tomato is known for its classic flavor. But tomatoes these days don't meet people's expectations when it comes to flavor. We're working on bringing the flavor back.
  • What's in Season from the Garden State is an e-newsletter during the growing season that highlights the little known facts about the food coming from our farms and local waters.